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Most of us want perfectly shaped eyebrows and lovely pink lips from the time we wake up in the morning and all day long without the hassle of retouching the makeup and reapplying the lipstick.
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Welcome to Rose Browsz permanent make up and microblading

Tired of having to do you brows every morning? Running late to start your day because you can’t seem to get one eyebrow to match the other ? Keep buying expensive eyebrow makeup that doesn’t get the job done? Well you’re not the only one. Another day passes as you continue to deal with the hassle! That’s where Microblading comes  in to save you time and money! Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that can last up to two years with good keep up and annual touch ups. 

Eyebrows are without doubt one of the most important features on the face. Benefits of having  brows brighten up your face,  make you look younger and give you confidence. Book now and wake up  with the makeup!

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About jessica

Hello Browtifuls

Jessica’s passionate about helping those who struggle with their eyebrows on a daily basis. She is a certified permanent make up artist and owner of the Rose Barbershop based out in Roseville ca. She specializes in many different eyebrow styles such as Ombré, powder, micro-shading and microblading hair strokes. Shes able to handle any clients eyebrow needs on both men and woman in doing the makeup look, natural look, cover up from a previous artist or covering scars. Jessica’s goal is to make you feel confident in your own skin and save you the hassle of constantly trying to make the perfect brow.

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Why Microblading?

Highly recommended you get a 4- 6 week touch up. After your first session it will fade at least 30-40 % depending on your skin type. Touch ups Perfect the shape, fill in any faded areas & Give you Maxed results. When both sessions are complete you’re good for up to 2 years..

Types of Brow services

  • Microblading .
  • Combo
  • Ombré / Powder
  • Cover up
  • Touch Up
  • Lip service
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