Our Services

Our Services

RoseBrow’s menu is designed to treat your concerns, and give you that inner glow — all while making you feel special.

Brows & Lip Blush



Types of brow services

Nano hairstrokes

  • Very natural-looking
  • Hair like strokes
  • Lighter finish


  • Denser more defined Brows
  • Hint of makeup look
  • Half hair strokes and half shading


  • Lighter on the inside and denser and bold on the tails
  • Two-tone effect
  • Can be added on top of Microshading and combination brows
Special Offer

Cover Up | Touch Up

Cover Up is when you previously had work done by another artist. Cover Up is considered a first session for full price. You are considered a new client to me and a touch does not apply to you until you have had your first session done by me.

Touch Up

Highly recommended you get a 4-10 week touch up. After your first session it will fade at least 30-40% depending on your skin type. Touch ups perfect the shape, fill in any faded areas and give you maxed results. When both sessions are complete you’re good for up to 2 years.

What Are You Waiting For...

Brow touch ups (Previously clients only)

  • 4-10 week ($150) Lip blush ($100)
  • 4-6 month ($200)
  • 7-12 month ($250)

If wait later that the suggested time frame for touch up and eyebrows are almost completely faded by the time to come in, the session will be considered a brand new session (full price).